How to give your samples

Although the DDD study is no longer recruiting patients we will continue to receive samples until June 2015 — please don't delay in sending your samples back!

Even if your child is unable to give a saliva sample, please make sure to send back samples from both parents anyway. We are able to use blood-extracted DNA from the local genetics centre for the child if needed.

Illustration of 3 steps in filling a specimen pouch

Children who are unable to spit directly into the sample tube can use the sponges provided to soak up saliva. Instructions (and video) are provided below.

8 steps of detailsed instructions of how to collect a sample

Adults and children who are able can just spit directly into the sample tubes. Instructions are provided below, and are available in different languages.

 Do NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before giving your saliva sample. Do NOT remove plastic film from funnel lid. Instructions: 1 Spit until the amount of saliva (not bubbles) reaches the fill line shown in Figure A. 2 Close lid by pushing down hard on the funnel lid. (Figure B) 3 Unscrew the tube from the funnel. (Figure C) 4 Close tube tightly with small cap. (Figure D) 5 Mix 5 times. (Figure E) 6 Seal samples in collection bags with absorbent paper. (Figure F)

Sample Collection Videos

If your child is unable to produce enough saliva by spitting, please use the sponge provided to increase the volume. This video explains how to give your child's sample using a sponge:

There is also a video available with sample collection instructions for adults.


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